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  • SolBridge hosts the Dean of Corvinus Business School, Hungary">SolBridge hosts the Dean of Corvinus Business School, Hungary

    On Monday 29 April, Prof. Dr. Zita Zoltay Paprika, Dean of Corvinus Business School, Hungary, and Dr Richard Szanto, Assistant Dean, visited SolBridge International School of Business. Their full-day visit was a tremendous opportunity to officially launch cooperation between the two institutions after the signing of an exchange agreement in March 2019. With over 7,000 students, Corvinus Business School is Hungary's leading business higher education institution and part of Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary's most reputable university. Corvinus Business School is member of the prestigious CEMS Network, a prominent alliance that brings together 33 business schools and corporations worldwide for the promotion of corporate social responsibility and ethical excellence.  


  • The Essence of Management by Dr. Hamid Bouchikhi">The Essence of Management by Dr. Hamid Bouchikhi

    This week, on Wednesday 24th April 2019, SolBridge InternationalSchool of Business was pleased to host Dr. Hamid Bouchikhi, Professor ofManagement and Entrepreneurship, Director of the Entrepreneurship Center andCo-Head of the Department of Management at ESSEC Business School, France. Dr. Bouchikhi delivered a special lecture to SolBridge studentson “The Essence of Management”, and shared his practical experience on managementspanning from his 30-year-long teaching career in a leading European businessschool. With examples of prominent managers in different fields such asFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Pope Francis and French football national teamcoach Didier Deschamps, he defined the discipline of management and the commontraits of successful managers. While their initial background lied in being a programmer, apriest or a professional football player respectively, all three leaders havehad to develop the leadership and discipline of managing global or nationalteams with diverse skill sets as well as behaviors. In all instances, theessence of management according to Dr Bouchikhi lies in the nurturing ofessential skills in getting people to align their individual goals withorganisational vision and mission. Addressing the various management approaches and theirchallenges in motivating people to achieve a common objective, Dr Bouchikhiinsisted on the importance to ignite one’s inner engine as the most effectivecomponent for organisational success. “If you want to manage people, start with managing yourself”-Dr. Bouchikhi encouraged the audience. Students should be mindful of everysituation around them while paying attention to the motives and drive behind people’sbehavior. Such awareness and understanding will prepare them to shape theiridentity as an executive and become better managers in the future. Besides hardskills taught in the classroom, Dr Bouchikhi emphasised the need for studentsto significantly develop their soft skills before they transition from doing tomanaging people. Dr. Bouchikhi authored over 100 academic publications, includingbooks, book chapters and working papers on entrepreneurship, management, andorganisation design. He also co-authored with Wharton Professor John Kimberly The Soul of the Corporation: How to Managethe Identity in Your Company (Pearson Education, 2007).  


  • April 2019 SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Jing Zhang">April 2019 SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Jing Zhang

    This month we recognize Jing Zhang aSolBridge alumna from China. Jing is currently the Marketing Manager at The Economist Group, the leading sourceof analysis on international business and world affairs since its establishmentin 1843.Jing maintains and executes differentcustomer acquisition campaigns across online, offline and partner channels todrive the growth of The EconomistEditorial Products, mainly the subscription to its Chinese/Englishbilingual app (The Economist GlobalBusiness Review) in China market. She also tries to develop her projectmanagement skill by acting as the key contact for MarTech-related enhancementactivities where she devoted herself to pursue the latest marketinginnovations.Jing completed her SolBridge BBAstudy in February 2014 with the valedictorian honor. While at SolBridge, sheactively participated in various in-school activities such as being the Captainof Sol-Photo Club and Marketing Advisory in Student Council.  


  • Swiss students from FH Northwestern University visit SolBridge">Swiss students from FH Northwestern University visit SolBridge

     FromApril 1st to April 11th, 2019, SolBridge International School of Businesshosted a group of 25 students from FHNW School of Business, FH NorthwesternUniversity of Applied Sciences and Arts, for a 10-day Korean study tour. Whilepursuing a Master of Science in International Management back home, studentstook a series of lectures on Korean economic development. Lectures provided bySolBridge faculty who previously held executive positions in top Koreancompanies such as LG Electronics exposed students to the history and rapid economicgrowth of Korea. Other lectures addressed Korea's latest trends in the fieldsof marketing, management practices, business negotiation as well as innovationand finance. Besides lectures, FHNW students visited fourleading Korean companies in their respective field of industry, includingcosmetic giant Amore Pacific, the Korean Ginseng Corporation (KGC), HyundaiMotors and Hyundai Heavy Industries. Amore Pacific owns 33 different cosmeticbrands and was listed as one of the world's most innovative companies in the2015 Forbes ranking, while KGC CheongKwanJangbrand owns the world's largest market share in red ginseng production. Thevisit of Korean Ginseng Corporation was an opportunity for students to see howtechnology and human knowledge work hand in hand for the selection of rootsproducing the best quality of ginseng and ginseng health-related products.Onthe Eastern coast of Korea, visiting Ulsan led to the discovery of the world'slargest automotive assembly plant and shipyard. The hosting PR manager remindedthat Hyundai Motors Ulsan Plant produced over 1.2 million cars in 2018 fordomestic consumption as well as for over 100 overseas markets, with SouthAmerica and Africa being recently the fastest growing markets. Ulsan is alsohome to the only factory producing the Genesis Cars, Hyundai's luxury division.Hyundai Heavy Industries ranks among the world's top five shipbuilders and bidto acquire Korean competitor Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering. Throughoutthe programme, students got to experience the tea ceremony and the wearing oftraditional Korean dress hanbok, andvisited Seoul's main cultural landmarks such as Gyeonbokgung Palace andInsa-dong. The tour ended in the historical city of Gyeongju, former capital ofthe Silla Dynasty and home to Bulguksa Temple.  


  • Experiencing Korean Culture; Students Day Trip to Yongin Korean Folk Village">Experiencing Korean Culture; Students Day Trip to Yongin Korean Folk Village

     On saturday, 13th April, 2019 SolBridge students had their secondexcursion this semester organized by SolBridge Student Council to Yongin KoreanFolk Village. Assem Sarsenova shares with us her experience. “Yongin is famous for its KoreanFolk Village called Minsok, a living museum type of attraction.  I was thrilled to see this beautiful placeYongin as one of the trips organized by the Student Council this semester. MinsokVillage is a great place to learn more about Korean culture and history.  Through this trip, I learned a lot aboutKorean history, the old traditional houses and how Korean people lived beforeKorea became such a developed country. Besides this, I visited the Korean Folk Museum, where I was able to seethe evolution of Korea from the Joseon period to what it is today. Wewatched and enjoyed continuous traditional performances including the Equestrian Feats, a performance thatpresented the essence of horseback riding; the traditional wedding ceremonythat proceeds against the quiet backdrop of a noble man's mansion. Theperformances were fascinating to both the local and international students. Besides,I was delighted in the beauty of nature and cherry blossoms; that is why Ithink spring or autumn is the best time to visit Minsok. Also, there is abeautiful park with a lake, perfect for taking pretty pictures. I waspleasantly surprised to see the amusement park; it was a beautiful blend oftraditional and modern attraction. My friends and I got the opportunity to tryout different Korean games such as Knock and Run.Also,there is a fantastic food court, where you can find many cafes for every taste;from Korean cuisine to burgers, to the imitation of street food.  We got to taste a variety of delicious Koreanfoods like Old-style glutinous rice taffy, tteokbokki, cheese, and honeyhotteok. Thefour hours we spent in Minsok Village went by pretty fast given the number offun activities we got to do. I am so happy and appreciate the student councilfor organizing this trip. I hope to participate in more excursions to come.”   


  • 2019 Woosong Internship Opportunity">2019 Woosong Internship Opportunity

       ATTENTION: Prospective Graduates! Woosong Internship Academy 2019Application Period: Monday, April 22 - Tuesday, April 30, 2019Contact Person:     Yojin Jung, HR Manager Email:          APPLY NOW! 


  • SolBridge Student’s Experience at the 2019 Baylor Business Negotiation Competition">SolBridge Student’s Experience at the 2019 Baylor Business Negotiation Competition

      SolBridgeBBA students Busye Uysal (Dasha) and Houymean Lim represented SolBridge at the2019 Baylor Business Negotiation Competition on the 12th April 2019 in Texas,USA. The competition was an opportunity for participants to gain valuablebusiness negotiation and conflict resolution skills and receive feedback frombusiness professionals with negotiation experience. In thisarticle, Dasha shares with us her experience at this year’s Baylor BusinessNegotiation Competition. “On the12th of April, I had the incredible opportunity to represent SolBridge duringthe Baylor Business Negotiation Competition an annual competition held byBaylor University.  This year, thecompetition attracted 14 teams with SolBridge being the only internationalteam.  My partner,Houymean Lim, and I competed in a realistic business negotiation role-playagainst two other teams from the United States in two different rounds. Beforethe competition, we were provided with two confidential cases, in which werepresent two parties, one for each round. Since we were not allowed to add anyinformation to the case, the tight limitations required us to focus on ourstrategy and colloquial language. The daybefore the competition, we were invited by Baylor University to join otherteams at the reception dinner at the famous McLane Stadium in thePresidential Suite, which boasts a stunning panoramic view of the Brazos Riverand Waco. We got to interact with other competitors, coaches and judges andlearned about their link to negotiation. As a way to make the environment morebusiness-like, we were told to refrain from mentioning our school name orcountry that we represented, so we had to step out of our comfort zone and wereincredibly creative during our interactions. We also had the pleasure to listen to two sponsors of the competition,‘MedLine‘ and ‘Group 1 Automotive’, present about their companies and theoutstanding opportunities they provide for graduating students. Thecompetition started with lunch and a special lecture from one of the speakersfrom ‘Group 1 Automotive’. He shared his transition from a politician to thecorporate world and how negotiation relates to both fields.  After the first round, teams receivedfeedback from the judges identifying participants’ strongpoints and areas thatneeded improvement. My partner and I used the feedback to develop our strategyfor the second round.  Later, weparticipated in an email negotiation activity on the principle of hacking andonline security. This activity enabled us to step out of our known territoryand negotiate with someone we have never met. BaylorBusiness Negotiation Competition was a splendid opportunity and significantleverage for improving my communication skills. The cases accentuated therealness of the negotiation world and the feedback provided comments based onthe real business world.” 


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