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  • SolBridge signs Cooperation with Nemo Partners">SolBridge signs Cooperation with Nemo Partners

     On Wednesday, 8th April 2020, SolBridge expanded her corporatenetwork by signing an MOU agreement with NEMO Partners, a prominent consultingfirm in Korea. This strategic partnership will avail various opportunities toSolBridge students and faculty including internship opportunities at NEMOPartners firms, joint-consulting projects with faculty, and entrepreneurship.NEMO Partners has continued to grow since its establishment in 2000.  The firm consists of 15 business units specialized in strategy, people & organization, asset and medical consulting, government and business services, and business analytics. Nemo Partners operate in 11 different countries, including the United States, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Libya. SolBridge Dean, Hamid Bouchikhi, and Mr. Jaewook Yoo, CEO, and co-founder of NEMO Partners signed the agreement in the presence of leadership teams from both parties at the NEMO head office in Seoul.  


  • Ruslan Tursunov: March 2020 SolBridge Alumni Highlight">Ruslan Tursunov: March 2020 SolBridge Alumni Highlight

      This month we recognize SolBridge MBA graduate class of2012 from Uzbekistan Ruslan Tursunov. Ruslan is currently working as theProject Manager at Intralink Group, a UK based consultancy company. AtIntralink, he focuses mainly on life sciences and med-tech projects, includingdigital healthcare, genomics, precision medicine as well as advanced medicaltechnologies, significantly contributing to his clients’ operations in Korea. His role as a project manager entails providing hisinternational clients with partner search, regulations, market research, andcompetitor activity analysis, as well as generating sales in Korea.  He has presented on South Korean digitalhealth opportunities in various conferences and seminars, including the UKDigital Health Roadshow 2020 organized by the UK government in London,Manchester, and Cardiff.Ruslan started his career in the pharmaceutical industryin Korea in 2014 and worked for two years at GL Rapha, a Korean pharmaceuticalcompany specializing in the exports of antibiotics and biopharmaceuticals. Asthe product manager for several biopharmaceutical products, such asPEG-Interferon, EPO, HGH, and HA, he managed the company’s clientele in Europeand Central Asia. After two years of working, Ruslan ventured into businessand established Chayhana restaurant (currently under different management)serving halal Uzbek food and a popular establishment both to SolBridge studentsand residents of Daejeon. Besides, he started the Bestgate Global consulting company inSeoul, which is helping several Korean pharmaceutical companies enter and growtheir businesses in the CIS markets. While at SolBridge, he actively participated in variousin-school activities such as CEO Mentoring Program, founded and led SolBridgeMusic Club, and organized a concert during his leadership period. Ruslan was alsoone of the Valedictorians for the graduating class of 2012.   


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  • Important Announcement: New dates for Spring 2020 Semester">Important Announcement: New dates for Spring 2020 Semester

     Inresponse to the recent spike in cases of COVID-19 and per guidelines from theMinistry of Education, Woosong University will be adjusting the Spring 2020Academic Calendar as follows:- Start of the Spring2020 semester is postponed for one more week. The expected start date forclasses is Monday, March 23, 2020,with classes ending on Friday, July 10.- Summer 2020 semesterwill be from Monday, July 13 to Friday, July 31. Asa result of the above changes in the Spring 2020 Academic Calendar, WoosongUniversity will be adjusting SolGeo dormitory check-in policy as follows:- Check-in at SolGeo will be available from Saturday, April 4 to Sunday, April 5 (10:00 am to 4:00 pm on both days). - International students having trouble changing their already booked flights are advised to contact Student Services on  by 4:00 pm, Friday, March 6 with the country/airport they will travel from and the date and time of arrival in Korea to be accommodated.- For students traveling from China, check-in at Woosong University Student Residence (W3) will be available from Saturday, March 21 to Sunday, March 22 (10:00 am to 4:00pm on both days). - All facilities inside SolBridge including Sol-Sporex will be closed until Friday, March 15, 2020.  Thisnotice subject to further revision, pending additional directives or guidelinesfrom the Korean government.  Please continue taking all theprecautionary measures, including; washing your hands regularly, covering yourmouth with your sleeves when coughing, and wearing a mask in public places 


  • Nadejda Kim: January 2020 SolBridge Alumni Highlight">Nadejda Kim: January 2020 SolBridge Alumni Highlight

      Thismonth we recognize Nadejda Kim a SolBridge alumna from Uzbekistan. Nadejda iscurrently the Academic Associate for MBA and EMBA programs at NazarbayevUniversity Graduate School of Business, Kazakhstan. Ongraduating from SolBridge, Nadejda joined DK-Lock corporation office in Seoulas an Associate Manager where she coordinated commercial and technicalinformation related to engineering, procurement and construction projects inUzbekistan. She later joined academia as an Associate Lecturer at WestminsterInternational University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She served as a Module Leaderin Cross-Cultural Management, Context of Business and Business in itsEnvironment modules. She also worked as an Academic Counselor and final yeardissertations (business management and marketing) supervisor for over threeyears.Nadejdais a certified university teacher from the Erasmus+ program. She graduated fromSolBridge in 2014 with a Masters of Business Administration and is the MBAvaledictorian for the graduating class of Spring 2014. 


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  • SolBridge competes in the World Universities Debate Championship (WUDC)">SolBridge competes in the World Universities Debate Championship (WUDC)

     WorldUniversities Debate Championship (WUDC) is the largest and most prestigiousdebate tournament in the world attracting prominent schools including HarvardUniversity, London School of Economics (LSE), University of Oxford, Universityof Cambridge and Stanford University. The annual tournament follows the BritishParliamentary format.The 40th competition held from December 29, 2019, to January 3, 2020, was hosted at Assumption University, Thailand, and gathered approximately 350 teams with more than 250 judges from over 50 countries.Ourtop-achieving team, SolBridge A (Leomar Doctolero and Sally Lee) broke into theelimination rounds after nine challenging preliminary rounds, spanning overthree days. They went up against Tel Aviv University, Israel, Ghana's KwameNkrumah University of Science and Technology, and Universiti Teknologi MARA,Malaysia in the ESL quarterfinals and did exceptionally well. They proceeded tothe semi-finals where they defeated both Tel Aviv teams to make it into ESLgrand finals. In the ESL finals, they stood firm until the end, the win,unfortunately, went to Open University Israel. This is anincredible feat for SolBridge to have gotten so far in the biggest tournamentin the world. SolBridge would like to heartily congratulate Leomar and Sallyfor this achievement, and for making us so very proud.We'd alsofurther like to take this opportunity to congratulate both SolBridge B (Silvia Sun) and SolBridge C (Houymean Lim and JamoliddinErgash-Zoda) teams for an intense fight. Both teams performed very well in thishigh-level tournament and accomplished much!  Besides, welldone to Nikita Shumovich for judging all nine preliminary rounds withdetermination and dedication, and congratulations to Prof. Danielle Swanepoelfor breaking as an adjudicator at WUDC. Finally, ahearty congratulations and many thanks to Prof. Joshua Park who fulfilled therole of advisor to the tournament - no doubt his immense contribution resultedin this being one of the most well run and successful worlds championship ever. ----------Edited on 29/09/2020 


  • Tran Trang Linh: MSMA Valedictorian Class of 2019">Tran Trang Linh: MSMA Valedictorian Class of 2019

     Firstof all, I want to say congratulation to all graduates of Fall 2019. Our journeyat SolBridge might last one year, two years or four years. However, durationdoes not say anything; what matters is what we have learned here, at SolBridge.Oneof our professors once said to us: "Garbage in, garbage out". Itmeans that the quality of all the input determines the quality of the output.From all over the world, we are the best to be selected. Then SolBridgeprovided us with the best environment, materials and the best support for us tolearn, to experience and become the better version of ourselves. Today, we'releaving the school with sound knowledge, professional attitude and a widespreadnetwork.Onbehalf of all MSMA graduates, I would like to thank SolBridge for giving us theopportunity to study here. This new program is what we needed. Mainly, I wantto say, thank you to our professors, who have been always dedicated to sharingwith us their knowledge and experience. Our success cannot happen without yourguidance. I also want to thank professors from the Career Development Center(CDC) and Writing Center who helped us when we were in need and brought us alot of opportunities. Last but not least, the staff on the fifth floor, thankyou so much for your support all that time.Whenone door closes, the other opens. Our journey at SolBridge now has come to anend, and amazing opportunities are waiting for us. We are ready, and we areproud to go out there and say "We graduated from SolBridge!". Thankyou! 


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