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  • May 2019 SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Fabrice Ekra">May 2019 SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Fabrice Ekra

     This month we recognize Fabrice Ekra, a SolBridge alumnus from Côte d’Ivoire. Currently a Senior Project Assistant at the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Côte d’Ivoire the UN agency in charge of migrations. IOM is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society.Fabrice currently works on an Italian funded project that supports local capacities to manage migration through community-based initiatives in Côte d’Ivoire effectively. This project was launched to support the Government of Côte d’Ivoire in its efforts to tackle irregular migration by facilitating access to local economic opportunities for disadvantaged people between 18-35 years of age.Fabrice completed his MBA at SolBridge in June 2012. With minimal professional experience, he entered a Seoul based International company by the name of MK International Inc. where he worked for five years as the Manager of the International Business Department. Fabrice gained practical knowledge and a set of skills in the trade of goods, facilitation of negotiations, management of personnel, business etiquette and visual content production. Armed with the SolBridge spirit and Asian thought leadership, he is now able to thrive in his work at the service of the IOM. 


  • The Evolution of Marketing in the Digital Age: Dr. Frank Mulhern, Northwestern University">The Evolution of Marketing in the Digital Age: Dr. Frank Mulhern, Northwestern University

     As part of a 2-day visit to Woosong University on 22-23 May, Dr. Frank Mulhern provided SolBridge students with a lecture on Integrated Marketing Communications and the evolution of marketing and brand management in the digital age. As Associate Dean at Medill School of Journalism, Media and Integrated Marketing Communications, Northwestern University, and Honorary Professor at Woosong University, Dr. Mulhern introduced the key concepts of Integrated Marketing Communications, identified and defined its four main areas, namely advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing and public relations. The key to successful marketing in today’s digital age involves the convergence of all four areas. More than oil, data has become the most valuable asset and big data giant companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon keep growing and driving the digital revolution. Unlimited access to data has given major big data companies a substantial competitive advantage to better understand new trends.  A group of Woosong students at Northwestern University early this yearDr. Mulhern’s lecture at SolBridge is an introductory session to a one-week Certificate Programme held for SolBridge students at Northwestern University, in Chicago, from August 5th to 9th 2019. The Big Data Summer Workshop will provide a deeper understanding of new communication technologies and the evolution of brand management in the digital era. The academic experience at Medill School will be combined with the visit of leading American companies in the field of big data in Chicago. All SolBridge students planning to take the Data Analytics Minor are encouraged to apply for the programme at their earliest convenience and submit their hard and soft copies to Mr. Romain Bartolo (, 5th floor.  


  • Woosong Sports Day 2019">Woosong Sports Day 2019

     May 15-16, 2019 were two important days for the Woosong Community as different departments came together for the annual Woosong Sports Day to compete in various sports. SolBridge students participated in different activities from opening ceremony performances to Korean wrestling and basketball. SolBridge acknowledges all participants for showcasing the highest level of teamwork, togetherness, and tenacity and wishes to congratulate SolBridge basketball team for winning this year’s championship.SolBridge student Camilia Leplang and Co-Captain for the Cheering Club shares her experience. “Once again, SolBridge students came together to show their talents and team spirit in the annual Woosong Sports Day event held last week. SolBridge students competed in a series of games including Korean Wrestling, Basketball, Tug of War, Relay Race, Dodge Ball, and Rope Jumping.  The two-day event brought all study departments of Woosong together with the ambition to win the first prize.Between infinity rope jumping, Korean Wrestling and relay race, participants were able to find their true sport spirit by joining one of the teams. Those who couldn't participate did not hesitate to join the SolBridge cheering team! Using whatever means they could from singing, shouting to even dancing all to cheer and support SolBridge athletes. Singing songs both in English and Korean to morale boost and support SolBridge brought out a sense of belonging. With every chant, we wanted to proudly let other competitors know we are SolBridgers whether we win or not. As always, sports bring people together, and SolBridge is no exception: by their enthusiasm and cheerfulness, SolBridge students cheered for their athletes in unison and on rhythm motivating SolBridge participants to victory. Sports Day is not all about winning all the games; it's about being part of a great community far away from home. You meet new people, create friendships that surpass the differences in nationalities and cultures. That is the beauty of sports and one of the best things happening to SolBridgers during Sports Day! Participating in Sports Day as the Co-Captain of the Cheering Team was invaluable to me as I am a senior student and expected to graduate this summer. I had amazing memories from last year's edition as well, and I want to encourage all SolBridgers to participate at next year as this is the event where we can show off our SolBridge spirit together as one!”  Watch the Video highlight here.     


  • National Health Insurance Policy for International Students in Korea">National Health Insurance Policy for International Students in Korea

     As a result of the new Korean Government Regulation, effective July 16, 2019, all foreign residents in Korea will automatically be registered to the National Health Insurance. All international students are required to make a monthly payment of 56,525 KRW (This is a 50% student discount from the initial amount of 113,050 KRW).This payment applies to all students (D2 and D4 visa holders) including regular, transfer or exchange students. The policy seeks to provide equal medical services to everyone residing in Korea, both Koreans and foreigners. Students leaving Korea for more than one month can terminate the service and renew it upon re-entry to Korea. If you have any questions please contact National Health Insurance Service by calling 033-811-200 or visiting the National Health Insurance Service website  


  • Study Abroad Experience in Belgium: Aleksandra Chen">Study Abroad Experience in Belgium: Aleksandra Chen

     Aleksandra Chen, SolBridge BBA student studying at our Partner University, Thomas More University in Belgium shares her study abroad experience. “My dream to study in Europe was birthed in my first semester at SolBridge when I attended one of the Study Abroad Sessions with my European friends I had met during orientation week. Although I wasn’t sure about which country I wanted to go, I knew that I wanted to have a study abroad experience. Little did I know that my dream would come real several years later. In Spring 2018, I applied for ASEM-DUO Fellowship Program. After several months of waiting, I was glad to be among the selected few to attend this program as an exchange student at Thomas More University, Mechelen, Belgium. Traveling to a different continent by myself was both exciting and scary. I was excited about the new experience and scared of being alone in a new country without any friends or support. Although I have not completed the program yet, I can already feel the positive impact it has had on me. All my fears never came to pass instead, the fear of being alone has now turned into an expansion of my network. I have met new friends who I travel with to different countries and have new experiences. Moreover, I was ecstatic to meet old friends all across Europe who were once exchange students at SolBridge.However, studying abroad for me is not only about traveling. A slower pace of life in Europe gave me time to reflect on my life. I discovered what interests me and what I need to do in the future. Studying abroad gave me a chance to go out of my comfort zone. I am challenged daily to be open-minded and accept differences in people from different countries. This experience has enriched my personal development in a way that would never have been possible if I had stayed in my home country. Living and traveling on your own gives you a greater sense of independence and tremendously expands your world view.Overall, the study abroad experience motivates you to be a better self and thrive for self-development. It expands your network, creates new unforgettable memories." 


  • SolBridge Consulting Group hosts its second Business Plan Competition">SolBridge Consulting Group hosts its second Business Plan Competition

     On Thursday, 16th May 2019, SolBridge Consulting Group held its second internal Business Plan Competition. The contest attracted seven teams of four students tackling an actual problem for Samsung Electronics. Mr. Jongbum Jin, a Planning and Operations Professional at Samsung Electronics, delivered the topic for the competition revolving around Samsung Electronics Customer Loyalty Program. The teams had three days to dig into Loyalty Marketing and derive new implications for Samsung Electronics. The presentations focused on four primary areas; introduction of Loyalty Marketing, the introduction of new real-world concepts requiring outside-the-box thinking and analysis; real loyalty marketing cases and an invented case concerning the topic. After the presentations, Team five composed of BBA students; Akhrorbek Yuldashev, Avaz Mirazizov, Fazliddin Jamolov, and Khojiakbar Shamuradov won the first prize for their proposal to increase the customer’s sense of belonging for the selected company. To achieve this, the team recommended using the following strategies; providing an alternative to the reward point system, providing easy access for the high-ranking customers to access the would be hard to obtain products and using an advanced feedback system to reward hyper-active and loyal customers. In the second place was Team two composed of  Luong Phuong Hoa, Doan Thanh Thuy Vy, Tran Viet Ha, and Pham Minh Nhat Anh. The team proposed building a community of Samsung phone users in their target market Vietnam that allows them to freely express their opinion, love, and ideas for Samsung products. Team three consisting of Pham Thi Van Anh, Maria Michaela Dizon, Florissa Christian Danudibroto, Seol Ji Hyae came in third for their proposal to use Artificial intelligence for innovative engagement with customers by offering customized notification service. The winning teams were selected based on their creativity and innovativeness.  SolBridge is confident that the winning teams will effectively represent SolBridge in this year’s International Business Plan Competition in October.  


  • A Student Experience: An Exchange Semester at Bentley University, USA">A Student Experience: An Exchange Semester at Bentley University, USA

     SolBridge BBA student and former Student Council President Yovung Jayakusuma shares her study abroad experience at Bentley University, USA.“Bentley University is ranked as one of the best business schools in the United States of America. Having been here for the last few months, I think Bentley has many useful resources as well as knowledgeable professors. Classes are stimulating with a tremendous level of engagement considering students are encouraged to participate through various topics. Bently also invites notable speakers to cover a wide variety of topics from corruption to sustainability lectures.Life at Bentley is welcoming, providing a lot of opportunities to network and interact with other students. Since I  stay on campus, I can participate in the numerous activities organized by the different organizations like the Bingo Night, Comedy Night and Spring Day. One of my favorites so far is the Festival of colors, the biggest on-campus cultural celebration organized by the International Student Association (ISA).Boston has numerous fascinating attractions; there is so much to do and see in the city and the surrounding areas. In my four months of staying here, I would say the Spring break trip to the West Coast has been my most memorable excursion so far. We had a road trip through the Pacific Coast Highway - starting from San Francisco heading down to Los Angeles. The ocean views were stunning and worth seeing. As the weather gets warmer, I plan to visit Washington D.C. and Canada. Studying at Bently University and living in Boston has boosted my confidence as well as helped me to become more independent. I believe we have different ways of making our study abroad experience memorable. I want to encourage all students to challenge themselves and utilize the various study abroad opportunities that SolBridge provides. I am grateful to SolBridge and the Study Abroad Team for providing this opportunity for students to engage in cross-cultural learning experiences and for the support rendered to make this program possible.”    


  • Requirement & Application">Requirement & Application

  • Innovation Management and the Discontinuity of the Innovation Cycle by Dr. Rodrigo Cortopassi Goron Lobo">Innovation Management and the Discontinuity of the Innovation Cycle by Dr. Rodrigo Cortopassi Goron Lobo

     On  May 2, 2019, Dr. Rodrigo Cortopassi Goron Lobo delivered a special lecture at SolBridge on Innovation Management and the Discontinuity of the Innovation Cycle. Dr. Lobo is Assistant Professor of Business at Guttman Community College, The University of New York, USA. His academic background includes a Ph.D. in business administration from Positivo University, Brazil. He is formerly a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley - Haas School of Business, where he developed research work on Innovation Management. He has near 30 years of corporate experience and held executive positions at Accenture and Coastal Technologies, lately acquired by Dupont. In his lecture, Dr. Lobo highlighted the most significant theories on innovation management including ambidexterity - an approach that requires a balance between exploitation and exploration processes to be efficient; disruptive innovation - a process through which products or services at the bottom of the market move up to displace competitors and innovation strategy. Using the example of  Uber as one of the successful companies that utilized existing technology to create an innovative business model, he emphasized the business model has a vital component in innovation. He also discussed the importance of technology forecasting including future trends, directions, and characteristics in the innovation process for any organization to have a competitive edge. Using examples, he explored the cultural, social-political, education and economic differences with regards to innovation in the Western and Eastern countries particularly USA, Korea, and Japan. Apart from the lecture, Dr. Lobo had a separate session with SolBridge Startup Club where he shared his entrepreneurial journey and experience. The full lecture can be watched here. 


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